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Brand-new to couponing at HEB -- or just need to get some tips on how to lower your grocery budget each week?  

You've come to the right place.

Here are some basic posts to review on HEB coupon policies, plus other great insider tips to shopping the favorite grocery chain of Texas (and recently named the best grocery chain in America by Business Insider!)

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  1. Awesome sauce!!

  2. My HEB on 2920 in Spring, TX is no longer accepting coupons more than 50% of the item purchased. Anyone else having this issue?

  3. Printable Coupons will not be accepted if they appear copied or are altered in any way. They should be printed directly from the website or email in which they were offered.
    Printable Coupons have unique serial numbers and follow an industry standard format; they are non‑transferable, and should not be copied, scanned, sold, traded, or otherwise distributed.

    Here is where I am confused. What about coupon fairies or people who sell coupons on ebay, and other coupon sites on facebook. Is that illegal?

  4. The coupons say Void if Sold... so it's an honor system, because who's gonna know you bought them. I have said honor, so I cannot do it. It's not worth my integrity. People call their stack of coupons for sale, "Clipping service". So, they bought and clipped them for you, and you are buying their service. Hmmm, I guess my grocery store is offering grocery service, because they bought and stocked shelves of groceries. Illegal? IDK. Unethical? Yup.


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