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September 11, 2016

Reverse Piggybacking: Is It Acceptable Coupon Practice At HEB?

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I'm seeing more and more questions sent asking about the concept of piggybacking coupons at HEB.

Most advanced HEB couponers know how to piggyback BOGO yellow coupons and dollars-off manufacturer coupons at HEB for extra savings.

(And if you don't know what I'm talking about, go here -- the above link will walk you through it in detail!)

But what about the other way around?

Can we reverse piggyback coupons at HEB?

In other words, can we take a yellow dollars-off coupon and combine it with a manufacturer BOGO coupon and save additional money that way?

Here's an example so you know what I'm talking about:

What reverse piggybacking looks like

A reader sent me this photo.  She wanted to know if she could buy two Febreze items, and use a BOGO manufacturer coupon, along with a $1 off HEB coupon.

Her idea was that the BOGO coupon would apply to the second Febreze item, while the $1 off HEB coupon would apply to the Febreze she was actually paying for.

So is this acceptable at HEB?

Well, the truth is that the corporate HEB coupon policy doesn't address reverse piggybacking at all (regular piggybacking, on the other hand, is specifically allowed.)

That means, like other couponing scenarios that aren't covered in the HEB coupon policy, it's up to an individual store manager to approve or deny this combination in their stores.

Some managers will allow it, and some won't.

When you come across these kinds of scenarios, you'll just have to ask the manager at your store what they think!

Why you won't see reverse piggyback deals on this blog

I feel strongly in only posting deals on Hunting Bargains at HEB that readers can get routinely at their stores.

So because reverse piggyback deals come with a great deal of uncertainty, I won't be covering them here.

I would not want to take responsibility for readers wasting time and gas to go to the store, only to be denied a deal.

(That frankly can happen with totally legit and sanctioned deals when a cashier doesn't know the HEB coupon policy -- which is why I ALWAYS recommend printing a copy and keeping it on hand during coupon trips.)

It doesn't mean that a reverse piggyback deal is wrong or against the rules somehow, however.

Again, they are just up to the discretion of your store manager!

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  1. I tried doing that but the coupon wouldnt scan. Cashier and store manager said i could only have one coupon applied.

  2. I had never tried this before but I deceided to try it on this very coupon and my store allowed it.

  3. Our HEB's have always told us only 1 coupon allowed, period.

  4. I did the reverse piggyback on a buy a dial soap and get a dial foam pump free. I had a $1 off the dial soap. It scanned without a problem. I'm fairly new to the coupling world so it didn't even occur to me that it might of been a problem. Thanks for the heads up!