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February 11, 2016

How To Search This Site (Using Your Smartphone!)

If you're reading either Hunting Bargains at HEB or its sister blog Spend Less, Shop More from a smartphone, you may be missing some useful functionalities available on both blogs.

Specifically, the search and sort functions, which are clearly visible on the full desktop version of the site -- but not so readily accessible from mobile devices.

(For mobile readers, it's crucial that the site be fast to load and easy to read, which is why these options don't load automatically.)

Learning how to search or sort the site gives you an easy way to track down deals you saw previously on the blog but didn't save, or just look up your favorite brands to see if any deals are currently available!

Here's an easy hack so mobile users can find and use the search function.

I've taken screenshots from Hunting Bargains at HEB, but you can do the same thing over on Spend Less, Shop More:

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen until you see the button that says 'View web version' like this screenshot above.  Click that button.
  • That will take you to the home page of the desktop version of the site.  You'll see a green banner with lots of different sorting functions.  With a single click, you can see nothing but dollar deals, or nothing but freebies, or check out printable coupons, or even download my HEB coupon class!
  • Now scroll left and down to find two other useful functions.  You can sign up to follow the blog via email (you'll get a daily digest around 7am of all the posts published the day before.)  Or, you can track down coupons or brand names you're interested in through the search toolbar.
  • Scroll even further down the page, and you can snag the free Hunting Bargains at HEB mobile app for your phone!  (Note: This is just for Android users; iPhone apps are too pricey for me to afford.)
If you need to see this in action, I have a short how-to video that walks you through these functionalities below:

With this info in hand, you'll be better equipped to stay on top of current deals available at HEB!

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