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April 21, 2015

HEB Mobile App: A Short Video Tour

Check out this quick video tour I made of the brand-new HEB mobile app today with my friend Brenda!

If you haven't heard the news, we can now download the mobile app for free from either Google Play or the App Store .  Sorry, I don't think HEB has set anything up for Windows phone users.

(If you're having trouble finding the app, text MOBILE to 83381 and it'll give you the direct download link to both Apple and Android!)

You can also review my how-to guide to the new HEB digital coupons program here, and see current HEB digital coupon deals here.

Watch my video explaining how the app works below.


  1. Wow. Thank you. You made it look easy.

  2. How do u redeem in the store once u have selected coupons?

  3. You redeem the selected coupons in store by entering your mobile phone number and a 4-digit pin you select when you set up your account. Hope this helps!

  4. They still have a lot of bugs to work out. They refused to honor any of my digital coupons because my account wouldn't verify at checkout even though I had proof on my phone and I double checked my account phone number and PIN when I got home. Can't even call customer service because they aren't open on the weekend. An extra $20 I paid when I was expecting savings. So beware if you are making a big grocery run and have to eat the extra money because you can't afford to cancel out the transaction and come back another day.

    1. I have had the same issue. It is really frustrating .They keep asking you to use the app and digital coupons but then don't offer support for these problems. The store employees don't ever have a clue about the app.

    2. I had that problem once and they called the manager. They asked for the total of digital coupons i would have used and they deducted it. I saved almost $100 that day will all the coupons. Plus i still got to go back the next day to get the 2 free items and use some of the coupons. I was happy!

    3. I'd be careful with using the coupons again if you were already given the discount because the account specifically states "one offer per account". You don't want to have your account closed for non compliance of the rules.

      I had a problem too, I called them and they set up a credit for the next time I went shopping and she was very deliberate in repeating that I was not to use the coupons I was getting a credit for. I had to be diligent and remember not to use them on my account because they don't remove them from the lineup.

      I had one more problem at the store and the store manager gave me the discount for next time also, but it was also connected to those digital coupons. Now I have to watch that account lineup again to make sure I don't use those coupons. Some don't expire for at least 1 week.

      I agree most store employees know nothing about the app and how it works. What happened to me was I put in my phone number but I also put in the #1 digit as if I was calling long distance. I knew it was wrong and asked how to back out of it and was told they didn't know. So, I hit the red button so I could start over. That locked me out of getting the coupons from my account. They tried suspending my order and going back in but I still couldn't get my coupons. The manager said, press the yellow button to go back and I would have been ok.

      I recommended there be little notes attached to the machine explaining this so the problems would be far less while people check out. He agreed and said they had someone training all the cashiers on the use of the app but he was moved to another store.


  5. Can you stack piggy back with these digital coupons?

  6. You can actually call 1-855-803-0611 for help with this problem your having with the heb mobile coupons. Hope this helps.