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March 20, 2014

Business Insider Names HEB Best Grocery Chain In America

HEB received some serious acclaim from Business Insider this week, as the magazine named our chain the best grocery store in America.

The pictorial gave 13 reasons why HEB beats out all other grocery stores, ranging from the funny (jalapeno-shaped barcodes on jars of HEB hot sauce) to seriously useful (produce sections that stock an average of 900 options per store.)

Go read the full Business Insider article here and see if you agree with their reasons, or if they missed one or two!

I think they should have mentioned the new HEB Organics lineup, which is really inexpensive compared to other organic brands.  Or maybe how HEB is now allowing overage.  But that's just me!

Read the full Business Insider article, 13 Reasons Why H-E-B Is The Best Grocery Store In America, here.


  1. I seriously doubt this one. What are they basing this on?

  2. I love them and some of those HEB Organic products are pretty good and good deals.