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April 27, 2014

How To Use HEB Basket Coupons For Extra Savings

I've been receiving emails and questions lately asking if HEB shoppers can stack basket or 'threshold' coupons with manufacturer coupons for extra savings.

The short answer is that HEB never allows stacking of any kind -- so you can never use two coupons on a single item.

However, with a little bit of careful planning, you can indeed create extra savings with HEB basket coupons.

First things first -- let's talk about what a basket or threshold coupon actually is.  Sometimes you'll receive a catalina coupon at the register that offers you money off your next purchase in a single category, as opposed to dollars-off a particular brand or grocery item.

Those coupons are called basket coupons, or sometimes threshold coupons.  The photo above is an example of a HEB basket coupon, offering $3 off personal care products (including Body Wash, Soap, Lotion, or Deodorant.)

The key advantage to a basket coupon at HEB is that you can buy multiple items in that category to get you to the minimum dollar amount required to use the coupon.  

In other words, if you print a HEB coupon for $3 off $15 in produce, you can buy multiple varieties of apples, oranges, lettuce, or whatever to hit your $15 -- you don't have to buy a ginormous $15 bag worth of apples in order to use the coupon on just a single item.

I have an additional example here that shows how I did this in a shopping haul back in January 2014.  I had several HEB basket coupons, and instead of trying to find a pricey single item in order to use the coupon, I bought multiple smaller items to lower my costs overall.

But there's an even better way to use HEB basket coupons to save more money on your grocery bill.

Remember, at HEB you can use one coupon per item.  But a basket coupon is off your entire basket of groceries -- that means, off your entire transaction!

So that means, if you have bought multiple items to hit your threshold on a basket coupon, that basket coupon will be taken directly off your total, and then you can use manufacturer coupons on the individual items you're buying in that same category.

Here's an example, based on the HEB basket coupon in the photo above, so you can understand what I'm talking about:
  • Speed Stick Deodorant -- priced at $1.98 each at HEB.
  • Buy two for a pre-coupon total of $3.98.
  • Remember, HEB allows one coupon to be used per item, but basket coupons come off your entire purchase.
  • So give the $3 HEB basket coupon first, which takes your total down to 98 cents.
  • Then give two $1 off Speed Stick manufacturer coupons.  Now both your deodorants are free, plus you have $1.02 in overage to put towards the rest of your groceries!
Remember in this sort of scenario to always give the HEB basket coupon to your cashier BEFORE any other manufacturer coupons are used.  That way, you can be sure that your other coupons won't drop you below the threshold dollar amount you need in order to be able to use it.

You won't be necessarily receiving HEB basket coupons on every trip to the grocery store -- but when they do unexpectedly pop up, now you know how to use them for your best advantage!


  1. Do you know if can you use the yellow store coupons with basket coupons? Thanks!

  2. If the store has a coupon for a particular item for example $1 off a speedstick deodorant and I also have a 50 cent of manufacture coupon. Will I be able to use both coupons for the deodorant?

  3. You cannot use yellow coupons with manufacturer coupons. HEB does not allow that. They only allow one coupon per item. Can't stack. :(

  4. Is the Easter Candy Coupon considered a basket coupon? If so, shouldn't I be able to use it with a manufacturer coupon?

  5. What if is a yellow coupon sayin $3 off $15 of lo real shampoo can I use that yellow for one bottle and use manufacture for others ??

  6. I thought I had looked at a list of yellow coupons available at HEB this week, but now I can't find it, is there a list?

  7. How does this work with a digital basket coupon?