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October 21, 2015

HEB Couponing 101: Free Self-Paced Coupon Class!

Do you need to cut down on your grocery bill at HEB? 

Take this self-guided couponing class and learn how to start saving big $$$ at your favorite grocery store! 

This collection features tips from my in-person and Facebook seminars -- but it's all collected for free in one place here on my blog.

So you can go through it at your own pace, at whatever time works best for you!

Just go through and read the following graphics, along with any associated links at each step.  

Can't do it all at once?  No worries -- just save this page to your phone or computer, so you can pick back up where you left off.

When you're done, you'll be ready to save 30% off or more on your next HEB shopping trip!

  • What are you currently spending on your average grocery trips to HEB? I took my average costs from around $120 per visit (for a family of two plus pets) down to $45 with the tips I’m going to share below. Remember, you won’t know how far you’ve come unless you know where you started!

    • The first step to couponing is getting coupons!  But you don't have to spend an arm and a leg buying newspaper subscriptions -- here are my easy tips to getting coupons without spending big $$$.  Go HERE for more information!
    • Have something you need to buy, but can't find a coupon?  There are some basic strategies you can use to save money, even on products that rarely have coupons available!  Go HERE for more information.

    • Go HERE to check out currently available printable coupons.  NOTE: You can print two of each coupon per device -- regardless of whether all devices go to the same printer.  So if you have, for example, a laptop, a desktop, and an iPhone in the house, you could print six of the same coupon!

    • Stay organized without losing your mind.  Don't want to spend hours a week clipping and organizing coupons?  Me neither.  Here's my five-minute organizational technique that will keep your coupons clean and tidy (and stress-free!) Go HERE for more information!

    • Do you speak HEB couponese? This short list of common phrases and abbreviations will get you up to speed in no time.

      • How do you know when to really buy? Here are some of my personal stockpile prices, so I always know exactly when I need to really stock up.  Most sales roll around every three months or so.  Go HERE for more information on stockpiling.

      • The most important resource of any HEB shopper is the HEB coupon policy.  Having a copy saved on your phone or printed in your binder will save you so much stress and anxiety at checkout.  Go HERE to print the most current version.

      • Most coupon blogs have databases available that you can use for free -- including my Spend Less, Shop More blog!  Go HERE to get started.

      • Some stores claim they don’t offer overage, but it is SPECIFICALLY included in the HEB coupon policy as a current practice!   Note that overage is only available for manufacturer coupons -- if a HEB coupon is worth more than the shelf price for a product, it will just be free, but you won't get the difference towards the rest of your purchase.  I cover current freebie deals and overage deals (often referred to as money-makers) in their own separate section of my blog.  Go HERE to see which deals are currently available!

      • You’ll also need a free HEB account to take advantage of my next two tips! Go to to get yourself set up.

      • One main thing to know about HEB is that clearance and UNADVERTISED sales vary quite a bit from store to store. Here’s how I track down the hot store-specific sales that never make it to the HEB ad, and how you can do it too!  Go HERE for more information.

      • This is a brand-new tip that most readers and couponers have never heard before!  Go HERE for more information.
      • Think about the various HEB stores you pass on your way to work, school, or church – you may find better deals there than at your neighborhood store!
      • I personally have used the mobile app to score FREE dog food, FREE granola bars, super-cheap milk and cheese, and lots more!  Go HERE for more information.
      • HEB digital coupons CAN disappear if you don’t reserve them in time – so make a point of checking your app once or twice a week to see what’s new, then be sure to select any coupons you think you might use. HEB adds coupons every Monday morning, plus sporadically throughout the week – so there’s always something new!

      • This is probably the most complicated couponing tip we’ll cover in this class – but it will save you a LOT of money, so it’s worth learning!  Go HERE for more information.

      • This is a relatively recent addition to the HEB coupon policy (only added in April of 2015) but it’s a GREAT way to stock up on grocery basics.  Go HERE for more information and examples!

      • Threshold coupons are slightly different than basket coupons, but they both work more or less the same way in the register.  Go HERE for more information and examples!

      • For ages, I thought yellow coupons were in short supply, and when your store ran out, you were out of luck. It’s not true at all!  Go HERE for more information.

      • This is another HEB tip I wish I'd learned waaaaay earlier than I did! Saves so much stress and frustration!

      • I was SO excited when I figured out this tip over the summer. Fair warning: this tip does require some changes in your normal shopping routine!  Go HERE for more information.

      • Go HERE for an example on how the meat bundles work!

      • Go HERE for more suggestions on how to stretch your SNAP or WIC benefits!

      • I cover all sorts of Black Friday deals on Spend Less Shop More, but I also will highlight HEB deals on the Hunting Bargains at HEB blog too! I usually start posting Black Friday and other holiday savings guidelines around mid-October (so, basically any day now!) so you can get a head start on your budget for the season.

      • NOTE: I don’t work for HEB. I’m just a girl who likes to coupon, and likes helping other people save money even more! This is my weekly posting schedule on the Hunting Bargains at HEB blog so you know when to check in!  If you'd rather receive daily email reminders, you can sign up on the right-hand side of the page (if you're on your phone, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click 'View Web Version', and then look for the Follow By Email box on the right-hand side.)  Daily recaps go out at 7am!

      Still have questions?  Feel free to join my Facebook couponing group, Saving Pennies Nickels Dimes and Dollars -- if I'm not around, there are loads of other experienced HEB shoppers there in that group!

      You can also email me, but note that the turn-around time for email responses is usually 24 hours or so.

      This self-guided couponing class was created by Jennifer King. All posts and links cannot be reprinted without her permission.