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September 15, 2015

How To Track Down HEB Deals Ahead Of Time

Ever wanted to really get a head start on your grocery planning?

Long-term readers may have noticed that while HEB releases new weekly ads on Wednesday mornings, I always have the deals posted on Monday here on Hunting Bargains at HEB!

And no, it isn't because HEB loves me so much that they give me a sneak peek each week that nobody else receives.

In fact, you can learn how to track down HEB deals in advance too -- and for the first time, I'm going to share my technique with my readers!

Bonus: It's much easier to do than you'd probably think -- in fact, I discovered this tip by complete accident.

First things first: You need to go over and sign up for a free HEB account.

I always recommend this anyway, since you can't activate the HEB mobile app without registering for an account.

But in addition to snagging all the HEB digital coupons, you'll also be signed up to receive weekly emails of your store's ads directly to your inbox!

Once you register for your account, you'll begin receiving your weekly ad email sometime on Tuesday mornings.

Save that email -- don't delete it!

The following Monday morning, when you go in and read that email, you'll actually see TWO ads -- the current ad that is running through Tuesday night, plus the upcoming ad that launches on Wednesday morning!

All you have to do is open the email and look for the View Full Ad button:

And when you click that button -- again, this is only available on Monday or Tuesday! -- you'll see your choice to view either the upcoming ad, or the ad that is almost finished.

Your screen will look something like this:

Then just click on the front page of the ad, and you can browse the entire thing!

This is how I get the ad recap completed and out to readers so early -- I just make a habit of pulling up the previous week's email first thing on Monday, and start comparing upcoming sales to my coupon database.

That head start is useful for several different reasons -- it gives you more time to track down coupons for good deals, it helps you budget for your weekly spending, or you have time to even place a special order with your HEB!

Now, I will still continue to do the weekly ad recaps for readers, so you don't have to take these extra steps to stay on top of upcoming deals at HEB.

But I know some of you really like to scope out the entire ad in advance, and now you can!

See more couponing tips at HEB here.


  1. Bless your heart and a big thank you for sharing! I've wondered how you did that when I usually don't get the email until later on Tuesday. I like knowing what's coming up on sale for the reasons you mentioned. Also, I really hate buying something on Monday or Tuesday to find it's on sale on Wednesday. Thanks again, Nan

  2. i get emails from heb but i never get the preview ones like you do at all

    i mean for instance i see the 19 off game day must haves in my email got it on sept 10 and the previous 2 they sent me were on aug 22 Deals on Easy Meals and aug 12 The wait is over. Hatch is back at H-E-B!

    but no previews no weekly ads ever

  3. Go to your account and click on edit communication preferences. Make sure that you have a check mark for weekly ads.

    1. thank you very much
      don't know how i missed that, but i expected it was something i was doing wrong

      i have a particular talent that way

  4. I have never received any Preview deals or any emails from HEB and I checked my communication preference to make sure my weekly ad box was checked and sure enough it was. So what do I need to do?

  5. I haven't been able to view my ad for the upcoming week on Mondays for awhile?? have you found a new workaround to be able to preview the ads on Monday? I really miss planning out my shopping trip ahead of time.