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September 7, 2014

HEB Reader Tip: $25 Meat Bundles At Select Value Stores

Reader Brittany writes in with a terrific deal she snagged this week at the HEB Super Mercado store on 24th Street & Culebra in San Antonio!

According to Brittany, this store frequently runs specials on Meat Bundles -- where you can pick up assorted meat items in bulk for just $25 from the meat market department!

Here's what Brittany received in her Meat Bundle this week:

  • 3 lbs of steak, 
  • 5 lbs of riblets, 
  • 2 lbs of ground beef 
  • 2 packs of Bar S hot dogs 
  • and a whole fryer chicken
That chicken looks like it's probably 2 to 3 pounds to me, and Bar S Franks come in 12 oz packs.

So that's $25 for roughly 13 pounds of meat, which works out to $1.92 per pound!  That's a much better price than you would get buying all this individually.

Brittany says these take about 20 to 25 minutes to prep once you place an order at the meat department, so make sure you plan for that time in your shopping.

And another reader, Jennifer, says that these Meat Bundles are usually available at the HEB Market stores, but that it doesn't hurt to ask the meat manager at your location -- they might be able to make one up for you!

Have you seen these inexpensive value bundles at your HEB store?  If you have, leave a comment with your store address -- that way we can compile a list for other readers!

Big thanks to Brittany and Jennifer for the alert!


  1. The chicken fryer is 5 lbs, look closely to price sticker.

  2. The meat dept. manager at my store in Round Rock on FM 620 and O'Connor said only select stores in low-income areas of Austin have this deal - he thought the HEB on 7th street and at N. Lamar and Rundberg.

  3. HEB Plus at 37 & Southcross has a huge variety of meat bundles. They have signs up that tell you what is inside each bundle & the price. They even have a BBQ bundle.

  4. Meat bundle is a search choice on the store locator. I asked about this at the Windcrest store today which is the closest listed one to me and they said they stopped offering this there a few months ago because demand was too great they didnt have enough man power to put the bundles together.

  5. They have those meat bundles at the HEB at City Base & the McCreeles HEB

  6. at city-base HEB on goliad and military they sell this in the meat section ready to go. they have $20 and $25 bundles. I have purchased the $25 bundle myself and find it to be a great selection at a great price.

  7. Abilene, Texas has these. had them today as a matter of fact. We only have one HEB and it's not a big one that's not a Marketplace or anything.