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August 28, 2012

How To Place A Special Order At HEB

So you've found the deal of the century at HEB, and you want to stockpile loads of items for your family, school, church, or other organization -- but you don't want to be a shelf-clearer who ruins the deal for other shoppers.  What to do?

Well, did you know that HEB stores will let you place special orders for bulk purchases?  

It's a win-win idea -- you get the exact amount of product you want, the store gets the sale, and other shoppers get to buy the product too!

Here's what you need to place a special order at HEB, courtesy of reader and long-term couponer Michelle.

How to place a special order at HEB
You need a big smile and a great attitude. I have placed orders at the HEB at Naco/O'Connor. 
At HEB, I take a coupon of what I would like to order, if the coupon says a limit per transaction I make sure they are aware that it
 will be multiple transactions and that they are okay with that.
I usually talk to the department manager, they will actually order the item, and will call when they items are in. I also donate all special order items since I am getting a lot and make sure they know that also, I don't keep any.
I just did an order for 152 razors, 86 notebooks and 38 folders and paid $.38 total (the change I picked up pennies while walking around my neighborhood so it was really free :) ) The razors will be donated to military down range and the 'school supplies' to schools. I also take recycle bags, a super smile and lots of thank you's for helping me give back.  
A smile and great attitude and 'I understand if you can't order that many..whatever you can will be great!' goes a long way.
A couple other basic tips on special ordering at HEB: 

Make sure that you double-check your coupons to ensure they can be used on the size of the item you're ordering.  You don't want to burn a bridge with your department manager because you realized the coupons won't work out after an order is placed.

It will also help speed up the process for the store if you can provide them with a UPC code, so they know they're ordering the absolute right product for you.  

Just show them the item you want directly from the store shelf if necessary -- that way they can copy the UPC code right in front of you.

Have you ever placed a special order at HEB before?  Share your tips and stories of your experience in the comments section below!

And a hearty thank-you to Michelle for her help!

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  1. That's great thanks! And big thanks for supporting military!

  2. I have a question I'm hoping you can answer, am I able to order 400+ of one item, at one time? Like all in the same bulk order?

    Abd when I pick up the order do I just go through regular checkout with all my other items? Thank you :)

    1. You'll need to call your store to see about orders that size -- and be sure to ask about checkout process as well. With 400 of a single item, they would likely want to open up a register for you.

  3. Anon, it depends on the item. They have maximum shipments set by their warehouse so that one store doesn't wipe out the warehouse and then deprive other stores of stock. So some items you could probably get 400 other items might only have a maximum shipment of 6, just depends.

  4. We did 400 wet n wild cosmetic items. We spoke to the cosmetics manager and let her know the order size and which items. We were hosting a womans meeting and these made perfect party gifts. When the order came in we had one cashier just for our order. FYI the cash registers only scan 250 coupons so be prepared to divide your order. They didn't know this at the time so she had to manually enter the rest of coupons.