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April 22, 2015

HEB Makes More Changes To Coupon Policy

Just a reminder that HEB has made some slight tweaks to their corporate coupon policy following this week's release of the new HEB digital coupon launch!

The new coupon policy took effect Monday, April 20, 2015, so it's a good time to print a new copy for your coupon binder and/or save the link to your phone for complete review.

Here are the top changes I see that you need to be aware of:

  • The policy now includes that HEB will accept digital coupons from their own app (if you haven't played with the app yet, I have a short video tour that walks you through it!)
  • HEB won't accept digital coupons that DON'T come through their app.  So if you use a mobile app that 'clips' paper coupons by scanning them into your phone, those aren't considered legitimate coupons by HEB (or really most grocery stores.)
  • As usual, we still cannot use more than a single coupon on a single item at HEB.  So don't get excited and think that digital coupons somehow translates into stacking -- sadly, I think those days are behind us!  
  • However, piggybacking is still available.  So that means you could in theory piggyback a HEB digital coupon and a yellow coupon in the same transaction.  Go here for a more complete guide to piggybacking.
  • If you accidentally give a digital coupon and a paper coupon for the same item, HEB will accept the paper coupon (even if it's for a lower amount) automatically, and the digital coupon will not be subtracted from your total.  So be sure to double-check what you're using before you get in line!
  • Digital coupons redemption limits are indicated on each coupon.  Every coupon I personally have looked at has so far had a limit one use per account on it, but it does look like HEB has at least the capacity to offer us multiple uses if they decide they want to at some point.
Again, I strongly urge folks to print and review the new coupon policy in its entirety -- it will make you feel a lot more comfortable couponing at HEB while their staff gets used to these new changes!


  1. Thank you for being on top of this for us!!

  2. Can we use a digital coupon on multiple items? For example $1/1 butter, can I buy 4 butters and get $4 off?

    1. Hi Anonymous! The digital coupons are limit one per account unless otherwise stated. However, some readers have commented that they have been able to use a digital coupon once daily. I don't know whether that's a glitch in the app, or whether that's what HEB intended and they just didn't explain it very well in the FAQ sheet!

  3. Thanks for the reply

  4. The register actually takes the digital coupon off first, which means you can't use the paper coupon even if that's the one you prefer. The coupons at heb are really more trouble than their wortth for the most part.