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April 20, 2015

HEB Digital Coupons + Mobile App Launch April 20, 2015

It looks like the long-awaited launch of HEB digital coupons is going to happen at some point today finally live as of Monday, April 20, 2015!

I was clicking around on the HEB website this morning and found the FAQ sheet for the new HEB digital coupons was up, and we can now download the HEB app on either Google Play or the App store.

(If you're having trouble finding the app, text MOBILE to 83381 and it'll give you the direct download link to both Apple and Android!)

Here's a high-level overview of how HEB digital coupons will work:
  • Log into your account (or register for a new one.)
  • Sign up for HEB digital coupons by associating your cell phone number with your account.  You'll also have a chance to opt-in to HEB text coupons -- which apparently will be different from the digital coupons, so I highly recommend you do that!
  • Select your HEB digital coupons.  Note that you MUST be logged into your account in order to select coupons!
  • When you check out in store, just enter in your phone number to retrieve and redeem your digital coupons.
I did a quick video tour here so you can see a little more of the features of the HEB mobile app.

I also recommend you go through the entire FAQ sheet here too.

And be sure to check here for my top picks on the first batch of digital coupons -- including a coupon good for FREE Mac & Cheese and more!


  1. Are these manufacturer's or HEB store coupons?

    1. Hi Becca! The digital coupons appear to be a mix of both manufacturer and HEB coupons. :D

    2. I am confused, can you use one digital coupon for 4 items, for example, I clipped one digital coupon for kraft cheese, can i only buy one? or am I able to buy more than one and use that digital coupon for each of the items of cheese? It says limit one in red, but when I click on the link it says limit one coupon per purchase of product indicated. I just want to be sure before I go to the store and make a fool of myself. thank you

  2. The app is bad. It freezes. It takes an average of 60 seconds to clip a coupon and wait for it to unfreeze so i can clip another. That's a minute a coupon. 120 coupons=2 hours. I'd rather watch paint dry, not have to clip and then go to a different store.