April 26, 2015

HEB Bargains: Save Almost 50% Off Carnation Instant Breakfast Essentials

We have a brand-new Carnation rebate available for a free pack of Instant Breakfast Essentials when you buy two packs, anytime between now and June 30, 2015.

The rebate is limited to one per name, email address, or household FYI.

This is perfect timing because we also currently have a $2 off 2 Carnation coupon to print (sort by Food to find it fast; it isn't grouped with the other beverage products.)

So here's how the math works out for you:

HEB Reader Tip: Get Paid To Buy Marley Coffee K-Cups!

Here's another HOT deal my friend Brenda scored at the HEB at Zarzamora this weekend!

After clearance and Shrink rebate, she got paid $1 to pick up boxes of Marley Coffee Catch A Fire K-Cups!

That's a pretty amazing deal, since HEB normally sells this brand for around $8.97 per box.

Here's how the math works out:

HEB Bargains: HEB Original Cola 50 Cents Per 2-Liter

Check your April 26 Smartsource inserts for a rare HEB coupon, good for 50 cents off assorted 2-liter bottles of HEB Soft Drinks!

According to my HEB mobile app, these 2-liter bottles are on sale 5 for $5, which basically means a buck apiece.

So here's how the math works out:

  • HEB Soft Drinks -- assorted 2-liter bottles priced at $1 each.
  • Use the 50 cents off coupon from the 4/26 Smartsource insert.
  • Your price drops to 50 cents per bottle, or 50% off shelf price!
Now, as most regular readers know, the one brand I'm personally super-loyal to is Diet Coke, so I've never tried the HEB brand of soda before.

If you have, please leave a review in the comments!  At this price, even I'm interested in giving it a whirl -- but only if it's still a decent taste.

HEB Reader Tip: Crush Strawberry Water Enhancer 50 Cents Each

Here's a hot deal to watch for at your local HEB stores, courtesy of reader Natasha!

Her Alon Market location recently started carrying containers of Crush Strawberry Water Enhancers for $1 each -- and there are 50 cents off yellow coupons available in stores through at least Tuesday, April 28.

So that works out to just 50 cents per container, or 50% off shelf price!

Some other water enhancer brands can cost up to $3.18 each normally (I'm looking at you, MiO!) so I think 50 cents is a terrific price.

Big thanks to Natasha for the heads-up and photo!

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April 25, 2015

HEB Bargains: Save 50% Off Premier Protein Shakes!

Here's a hot deal available on Premier Protein Chocolate Shakes at HEB right now!

I started hunting for a good offer on this brand after going to Costco and being horrified my how much the 18-count boxes now are.  (I last bought them in January for $15 per big box, and now they are over $23!)

Check out the math below:

April 24, 2015

HEB Reader Tip: Hill Country Fare Lunch Meat 99 Cents Each (85% Off!)

Check out this hot deal on cheese and lunch meat my friend Brenda found at the HEB on Zarzamora yesterday!

She was able to grab big packs of Hill Country Fare Lunch Meat for just 99 cents each after coupons!

That's a pretty amazing price, considering the 32 oz packs have a shelf price of up to $6.97 apiece.

Now, this sale may not be at all HEB locations, but here's the deal to do if you spot it at your store as well:

April 23, 2015

HEB Bargains: Totino's Pizza & Popsicles Just 90 Cents Each

Here's a new stockpile deal available at HEB right now for anyone who likes Totino's Party Pizza.

You can snag boxes of pizza for just 90 cents each through Tuesday, May 19, 2015!

Here's how the deal works out: