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December 20, 2015

Spam Alert: 50% Off HEB Coupon Is A Big Fake

Just a heads-up that there is a FAKE HEB coupon floating around social media right now -- and worse than fake, it's likely spam that will attempt to scam personal information about anyone who accidentally clicks on it.

The San Antonio Express-News reported tonight that the fraudulent HEB coupon is similar to other scam coupons targeting grocery shoppers at Costco, Target, Walmart, and other well-known chains.

And there are some obvious ways to tell that it's a fake coupon if you know what you're looking at:

First things first: This coupon doesn't look anything like either legitimate printable HEB coupons we've seen in the past or the in-store yellow coupons.

Secondly, the 50% off all purchases is a dead giveaway that something's not right.  While we get super cheap deals (and sometimes even freebies) from HEB all the time, there's no good business reason for a profitable company to be circulating such a high-value coupon in the first place, let alone that's good for almost a full two weeks.

Third, check out the website that it's allegedly from -- why would a Shop Rite blog be promoting a HEB coupon?

If you already clicked on the fake HEB coupon by accident, it's a good idea to go ahead and change your passwords on Facebook and other social media sites -- many of these spammy coupons will attempt to solicit personal information in your account (and sometimes they will even send out porn on your news feed and make it look like you did it!)

And I also recommend checking out my guide to spotting and avoiding Facebook spam so you won't be caught off-guard again!

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  1. Its hard enough to shop with printable coupons at H.E.B , now it's going to to be even harder. I try not to shop at H.E.B with printable coupons unless I have coupons from the newspaper I don't seem to have that much of a problem. But with the printable coupons if they scan it and the red screen comes up and says coupons not valid. They don't care what it is for or even if you have the right item to match the coupon. They will hand you back the coupon with no exception . I hate that! Before I shop it takes me 2 hours to match my coupons with their sales and another 3 hours to shop. So when I go to check out , I expect to use all of my coupons. But because some people like to scam companies with fake coupons. This is how it has to be , I don't think I will use printable coupons anymore at H.E.B

    1. H-E-B has Digital coupons now which you don't even need to print out coupons anymore. All you need is your telephone number and password. Most of the H-E-B coupon deals and some new ones are already on the app. You just have to click the button to clip the coupon.

      The reason why a lot of times the coupons come in red is that it's very specific at times at the size. A common example is the Coffee Mate Creamer which a customer has a 32 oz...but the coupon says 16 oz. I will usually ask the customer if we can get the right size for them and work with you there to get the right item at the right price. Otherwise it's a loss to the store and the company if that happens. Hope you understand. The cashier should tell you about the coupon not working. If not you can always ask a manager.