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May 1, 2015

HEB Digital Coupons: Troubleshooting Tips & Glitch Reports!

So it's been almost two weeks since the launch of the new HEB digital coupons program and the corresponding mobile app!

I've been hearing from many of you who have had to do some troubleshooting to get your app functional and working, so I thought I'd share the tips for anyone who is still struggling!

First things first: If you haven't even heard of the new mobile app, go here for my quick how-to video that walks you through the highlights!

Here's the most common problems I've heard with the new HEB mobile app:

  • You download the app and it says you've already registered it, but you don't know the password.  If you already have a account, that is the password the app is referring to.  If you don't remember that password any longer, you can change it on a desktop or laptop computer, or call HEB customer service to get it fixed over the phone.  Not sure if you even have a account?  If you receive emails from HEB with ads and/or coupons, you have an account!
  • The app won't open on your phone or you can't select coupons successfully.  I'm not a techy type of person at all.  So when mobile apps act up on my phone, the first thing I do is uninstall and reinstall the app.  You'd be surprised how often that actually works!  If it doesn't, that's when you should call into HEB customer service for help.
  • I selected coupons, but they didn't come off my bill at the register.  This is actually happening to quite a few people judging from what I've heard on my FB page and in my coupon group -- and it happened to me in store this week as well.  The store I was at (1604 and Bandera) knew about the glitch, and the manager manually took the coupon off at the register for me.  But that means you have to watch super-closely to catch it before you pay!  If you miss it at checkout, you can call into HEB customer service and get it credited to your account -- just be sure to have your receipt in front of you when you call.  NOTE: The manager at the Bandera store recommended that we wait 24 hours between loading a digital coupon onto the app and attempting to use it.  
  • The digital coupons aren't coming off when used with an employee discount.  I don't work for HEB, so obviously I haven't experienced this one personally.  Maybe a partner can chime in down in the comments with some tips!
What other experiences -- good or bad! -- have you had with the HEB mobile app and digital coupon program?  Please share your experiences in the comment section below!  

I know that some HEB partners do follow this blog, so if they see what's happening out there in the stores, they may be able to update us with more information or help with additional troubleshooting.  (Note: Comments made on Facebook may or may not be seen by the right folks!)


  1. Thank you for including the tip about uninstalling and reinstalling the app! I never thought to do that until I read your post! I am hoping they can fix the issue with the employee discount Valued Partner Perks card soon! I am having to keep my transaction separate for now until they sort it out. I separate all digital coupon items in a transaction and all of the non-digital coupon items into another so I can still get all of the available discounts!

  2. I just wanted to add that I really wish there was an easier/faster way to load up the coupons instead of just one at a time (example: Target Cartwheel App model). Maybe they could put together a focus group with active users like you - Jennifer King and see what users REALLY want!!

  3. Very disappointed in HEB this morning. The app didn't recognize my account in store so they pulled a "bait and switch" getting me to buy things on promised savings but not giving them. On top of that, yet again the Projector and Gamble catalina didn't print so I had to stand around for almost 10 minutes waiting for thw nice CSM to manually print one out. Oh yeah, my poor cashier had to manually ring almost half of the coupons which were mostly yellow coupons and even the special mailer coupons sent for the open in of the new Schertz Plus store. Very disgruntled this morning.

  4. I have requested for Customer Service to remove me from the online system so that I can restart my account. My phone number for digital coupons is attached to the wrong account, that account has been deleted but I cant link my number to the new account. I have called tech support 5 times for this issue and each time they tell me it will be fixed. Lets hope they can do this. I love HEB and I want really want to take advantage of the new options.

  5. I installed the app this morning and was enjoying selecting coupons and also scanning products in the house that we need to fill back up (checking the price and seeing if there was a digital coupon for it). Well, I had all my coupons selected and was ready to go shopping. I turned off the app then opened it back up (before I left). My coupons account (mobile number) is no longer showing up even though I'm logged in under the right account. And it won't let me register again. I deleted the app and reinstalled. No luck. I went to the website and tried to force another text to confirm I am who I say I am. No luck. Guess I need to wait until Monday to talk to customer service. Kind of disappointed because there were some digital only coupons that would have saved me over $10 this week.

  6. The first time I attempted to use my digital coupons I waited until the end of the transaction and then put in my information. Nothing seemed to happen, so I asked the cashier, who asked her manager. They ended up re-ringing my order, only this time, I got a message that said "account not verified". I double checked my number and pin and got the same message. Both women were very apologetic and nice, and told me that sometimes they had seen issues entering it in at the end. They gave me the digital coupon number to call. I called them and they checked to make sure everything was correct. They told me they would investigate and get back to me. A few days later they did call back, but we played phone-tag and never ended up getting a hold of each other.

    Tried my digital coupons this week at the same store, at the beginning of the transaction, and for the most part my coupons did work. However, I had a few that did not apply. Hoping I can get it all sorted out soon!

  7. I had a hard time registering for digital coupons. I couldn't get the text that I needed to respond to. I called HEB customer service. They said if you have SPRINT as your carrier, the "short codes" could be blocked. Once Sprint unblocked it for me, I got the text and could respond. So if you have Sprint and are having issues registering, call Sprint customer service.

    When I used the digital coupons this weekend, I noticed some of the ones I had selected did not get credited.

  8. The app has never worked for me. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and even registered an entirely separate account but still no luck. Very disappointing!

  9. I get the text and responded but it still says my number is not confirmed and it has been days. I've opted out and break in and it is still not working.

  10. I am having the same issue. The app is not keeping my coupons selected. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. We shall see what happens this morning when I use it again. They need to take a look at the Target app. Love it.

  11. I cannot believe how complicated this is!!! I downloaded Target's in just a few seconds and have never had an issue. This is so frustrating I am giving up.