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September 8, 2014

HEB Bargains: How To Use Your P&G Catalinas For Bigger Discounts

Are you sitting on a fistful of $10 off $30 P&G catalinas right now?

HEB shoppers can begin redeeming their P&G catalinas starting Wednesday, September 10, so I wanted to put together some tips on how to use them for bigger discounts off your grocery bill!

(If you've never heard of a catalina before or need more info on this promotion, go here for my how-to guide before reading any further.)

I think there are three main couponing strategies available to maximize your coupon use.  Choose any or all of the following tips:
  • Use catalinas to drop your price on basics that rarely have coupons issued.  If your family loves certain brands of products that never have coupons or go on sale, now's your chance to stock up for less.  Catalinas are also a good way to lower your out of pocket costs on basic food staples like bread, milk, and meat.  Just be sure to do a complete walk-through of your pantry, fridge, and freezer before you make out your shopping list -- you want to focus on items you use the most and that you have enough space to safely store.
  • Use catalinas layered on top of piggyback deals or yellow HEB coupon offers.  Remember, the cardinal rule of couponing at HEB is that you can never use more coupons than items you're purchasing.  So as long as you stay under that guideline, you can layer your catalinas with other piggyback or HEB coupon deals for even deeper discounts.  I'll have some suggested deal scenarios at the bottom of the post -- you can duplicate those deals exactly if you like, or mix and match for your own personalized scenario.
  • Roll your $10 P&G catalina into the new $5 Nestle catalina promotion.  Yep, in a lucky stroke of fate, rumor has it we have a new Nestle catalina deal launching the same day our P&G catalinas can start to be used!  Go here for all the info on that promotion.
So here are a few suggested deal scenarios I already see available in stores.  I will add to this list further as the week progresses:

  • Idahoan Steakhouse Potatoes -- priced as low as 42 cents per box after catalina and coupons (normally $1.98 per box!)  Fair warning: You might have to place a special order to get these in the quantity described in the post.

  • Gardein Meatless Entrees or Meals -- priced as low as 43 cents each after catalina and piggyback (normally $3.65 each!)  That's a CRAZY price for the vegetarians/healthy eaters out there!
  • Softsoap Body Wash -- priced as low as 70 cents per bottle after catalina and yellow HEB coupons (normally $2.97 each!)  That's a whopping 75% off shelf price.
  • Stouffer's Single Serve Entrees -- priced as low as 72 cents each after catalina and additional coupons, which is about 67% off the regular $2.18 shelf price.  Plus you'll earn an additional $5 catalina to use later in September!

  • ScoopAway Cat Litter -- 38 lb boxes priced as low as $4.24 each after coupons and catalinas through September 16, 2014 (normally $13.48 each!)

  • $25 Value Meat Bundles -- You could buy two sets for a total of $40 after catalina (so just $20 each) or you could buy one bundle plus $10 worth of additional product for $20 after catalina.  NOTE: These are available only at select HEB stores!
What other items do you like to buy with your HEB catalinas?  Share your savings tips in the comments!

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