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May 1, 2014

HEB Finally Resolves The Question Of Piggybacking

There have been some questions lately whether HEB was discontinuing piggybacking coupons either officially or unofficially in stores this spring.

I sent in an email to HEB Customer Service asking for clarification, and I'm pleased to report that piggybacking is still acceptable under the 2014 HEB coupon policy!

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go here for my how-to guide before reading any further!

Here's a screenshot of the email I received back this afternoon from Customer Service:

So that's a little hard to read in screenshot form -- basically, what HEB is saying is that when BOGO coupons are used (store coupons included!) an additional coupon can be used on the purchased item.

Here's the classic example I always use: Say you are buying a box of Tuna Helper, and you find a HEB coupon in store for a free can of tuna when you buy Tuna Helper.

You are buying two items, and therefore you can use two coupons -- a coupon good on the Tuna Helper, and the HEB coupon for the free can of tuna.

Again, this is not stacking -- this is simply using one coupon per item!

Now, does this mean you will never, ever have an argument about piggybacking with a cashier or manager again?  Probably not -- as always, the most important line in the HEB coupon policy is the following:

That does mean that if a manager doesn't like the idea of any specific coupon scenario, s/he has the right to refuse it in the moment.  (And of course, shoppers and couponers have the right to give business to more coupon-friendly HEB locations in return!)

But what this clarification does mean is that you don't have to feel anxious about piggybacking coupons at HEB -- you aren't trying to do anything shady or pull anything over on your cashier.

Piggybacking is a perfectly acceptable way of couponing at HEB -- and a great way to make sure you are saving all the money you can!

Read more tips and tricks about couponing at HEB here.

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