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July 9, 2017

HEB Bargains: Better Than F-R-E-E Garnier Fructis (Normally $3.42!)

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Just a reminder that the popular $5 off $15 HEB basket coupon on Garnier hair care, color, and skin care is still available in stores through July 18, 2017!

Now, there are going to be quite a few different ways to mix or match products with this basket coupon (and if you're not familiar with how basket coupons work, go here for my how-to guide!)

So here's one scenario to consider:

  • Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner -- 12.5 oz bottles priced at $3.42 each.
  • Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Shampoo Trial Size -- priced at $1.47 each.
  • Buy four full-size bottles and one trial size bottle for a pre-coupon price of $15.15.
  • Give your $5 off $15 yellow coupon FIRST to knock your price down to $10.15.
  • Next, use two $4 off 2 coupons from the 7/9 Red Plum inserts.
  • Your final price drops to $2.15 for all five bottles, or just 43 cents apiece!
Now, if you have the right mix of coupons (including a $10 P&G catalina) and can wait until Wednesday, July 12, you could do this version of the scenario:
  • Buy eight full-size bottles and two trial-size bottles for a pre-coupon price of $30.30.
  • Give your $10 P&G catalina FIRST to knock your price down to $20.30.
  • Next, use two $5 off $15 yellow basket coupons.
  • That drops your price down to $10.30.
  • Finally, use four $4 off 2 Garnier Fructis coupons from the 7/9 Red Plum inserts.
  • All 10 bottles will be F-R-E-E, plus you'll have $5.70 in overage to apply to the rest of your transaction!

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  1. Do you try these scenarios before you post breakdowns? More specifically the $/$ basket coupons... when I go to HEB to do these deals most of the time the coupons do not scan. Occasionally, I get lucky and the cashier will just push them through. With this deal, the travel size Garnier causes the YQ to beep, and the $5/$25 basket Q will beep if you use it more than once in a transaction. Just wondering if it's our stores in the area I live that don't allow it, or if these transactions are based on cashiers pushing the coupons through even if they beep. Thanks for all the help with deals :)

  2. Hi Veronica! This deal has come around twice a year at HEB since 2015, so it's a known deal that HEB does specifically to catch shoppers' attention when the manufacturer coupons come out. :D

    It sounds like your store may be having issues with their scanners -- they could need to be cleaned or even the coding program rebooted.

    My best advice if you have *YELLOW* coupons that aren't scanning would be to ask for a manager's assistance. They will typically help a cashier to troubleshoot the scanning process or else approve a manual coding. (If you have manufacturer coupons that aren't scanning, though, most times managers will just decline to use them.) Hope that helps!

  3. Yes, the yellows beep because the basket coupons in our stores say "limit one identical offer per transaction" vs the other coupons that say "limit one original coupon per qualifying item(s)", this is how the managers have explained to me when they beep. Unfortunately, it's not just my store it's pretty much ALL stores in the area (about a 45 mile radius), every time a good basket deal comes around and I have a catalina I go to 5-10 stores trying to do deals where two of the same basket coupons are involved and no dice, the yellow still beeps the second time around. Thanks for the insight! Your deals save me hours of trying to look around for things myself!

  4. HEB in my area does not allow manufacturer coupons used along with their yellow store coupons : (