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June 28, 2017

HEB Bargains: F-R-E-E Ivory Bar Soap Returns (Better Run!)

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UPDATE: As predicted, HEB has altered the yellow coupon to exclude the 3-count packs of Ivory Bar Soap.  Congrats to any readers who were able to get this deal before that happened!

Go check your HEB stores for a very high-value $5 off 4 yellow coupon, good on Ivory body wash or bar soap!

This coupon is currently available to use on 2-count packs through 10-count packs of bar soap, as of this morning.

So that means we will have a freebie on our hands!

Check out the following deal:

  • Ivory Original Bar Soap -- priced at $1.24 per 3-count pack.
  • Buy four for a pre-coupon price of $4.96.
  • Use the $5 off 4 yellow coupon available in stores.
  • All four should be FREE!
Now, if you want to mix and match for a catalina deal, you could consider this scenario:
  • Ivory Original Bar Soap -- priced at $1.24 per 3-count pack.
  • Olay Ultra Moisture Beauty Bars -- priced at $2.47 per 2-count pack.
  • Ivory Scented Body Wash -- 21 oz bottles priced at $2.97 each.
  • Buy 8 packs of Ivory soap, 4 packs of Olay soap, and 4 bottles of Ivory Body Wash.
  • All 16 items will ring in at a pre-coupon price of $31.68.
  • Use four $5 off 4 yellow coupons to take $20 off your purchase.
  • Pay $11.68 out of pocket, then get your $10 catalina coupon to use later in July.
  • Your final price is $1.68 for all 16 items, or about 11 cents each!
FAIR WARNING: HEB has been known to change or rewrite these yellow coupons once they realize something is free with them.

In fact, we had this same deal back in 2016, and HEB changed the coupon about a day and a half into the promotion.  I fully expect the same thing to happen this year.

So if you're interested in this deal, I recommend getting out to the store right away -- and picking up a few extra of those yellow coupons for your binder while you're there!

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