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November 15, 2016

HEB Shopping Haul: Spent $19.76, Saved $30.48

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I took a quick trip to my HEB today to show everyone some last-minute ideas to use with a variety of current HEB offers!

I spent $19.76 on the 15 items listed above, and saved $30.48 over their regular shelf prices.

That's a savings of 60% off!  As always, my general goal at HEB is to save more than I spend.

Here are the deals I did:

  • HEB Fully Cooked Beef Pot Roast -- priced at $9.97 per bag, with $1 off yellow coupons available in the store.
  • HEB Fully Cooked Chicken Breast Fajitas -- priced at $2.50 per bag.  Since these top two items were more than $10 pre-coupons, I was able to use this $2 off $10 meat coupon.  TIP: If you've already signed up for HEB emails in your standard email address, make sure all your family email addresses are signed up as well -- that way, you will receive more prints!
  • Texas Tamale Chicken Tamales -- priced at $6.98 per 12-count bag.
  • HEB Bake Shop Bagels -- priced at $2.48 per bag, with yellow coupons in store for free jars of Peter Pan Peanut Butter.  NOTE: These yellow coupons expire today (11/15), so be sure to pop out before close of business to grab this deal if you're interested.
  • Peter Pan Peanut Butter -- priced at $2.32 per jar, but of course these were free after yellow coupon.
  • Heritage Ranch Dog Treats -- priced at $3.48 per box, and I had the HEB digital coupon for a free box.
  • HEB Bake Shop Bread -- priced at $1.58 per loaf.
  • Cheez-Its -- on sale for $2 per box, and I had a $1 off printable coupon to use (no longer available to print, unfortunately.)
  • Ready Pac Chicken Caesar Salad and Taylor Farms Couscous Salad -- priced at $2.98 each.
  • Apple, Carrots, & Crackers Fruit Trays -- priced at $2.37.  The salad and fruit trays combined to be more than $10 pre-coupon, so I was also able to use this $2 off $10 produce coupon.
In addition to the above coupons, I also had a $10 off P&G catalina coupon to use (no longer available to earn) and a $5 off $20 Primo Picks digital coupon.

I wasn't expecting that Primo Picks coupon to be applied -- and I'm still not sure why it did, to be honest.  My theory is that since I spent more than $20 on general HEB brand items, it triggered the coupon.  

But that's just a theory, I can't guarantee it will work the same for others!

What great HEB deals have you gotten recently?  I'd love to hear about your hauls in the comments below, or over in my Saving Pennies Nickels Dimes and Dollars Facebook group!

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  1. I was also pleasantly surprised by the primo picks coupon applying to my purchase yesterday.😃

  2. Yup mine did too. I didnt even know had enough to use it, i used other digital coupons and the $5 popped up on the screen. Thats why i like digital coupons and ive never had a problem with the app.

  3. So I click on the $2 off $10 produce and meat coupons and it's showing the date April 2016. Am I doing something wrong.

    1. That's when I shared the info on how to sign up, but the offer is still active. :D

  4. Oh ok thank you, I guess I didn't get them.:(