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November 29, 2016

HEB Piggyback Deals: Iams Dog Food $2.49 Per Bag (Normally $9.97!)

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Check out this HOT piggyback deal on Iams Dog Food headed our way at HEB this week!

Beginning Wednesday, November 30, we can grab 7 lb bags of dog food for as low as $2.49 each with the right mix of coupons.

That's about 75% off regular shelf price!

First things first: if you're not familiar with how piggybacking works, go here before you read any further.  

That how-to guide is essential in understanding the following scenario:

  • Iams Dry Dog Food -- 7 lb bags priced at $9.97 each, with a yellow coupon available in store for a free bottle of Febreze Air Effects (normally $2.97 each) with purchase.
  • Buy two bags of Iams and two bottles of Febreze for a pre-coupon price of $25.88.
  • Piggyback two yellow coupons for the free Febreze bottles (give these FIRST) with the BOGO Iams coupon from the 11/6 Red Plum insert.
  • Remember, you aren't stacking coupons in this scenario -- you are buying four items and using only three coupons.
  • Your price drops to $9.97 for all four items -- or $2.49 each!

As always, I recommend you have a copy of the current HEB coupon policy printed or pulled up on your phone when you go to check out.  

Even though piggybacking is specifically permitted in the HEB coupon policy (as of a year ago, actually!) some cashiers are still not aware of how the policy works.  And trust me, you will save yourself a lot of aggravation if you can refer to it right away at the register!

Specifically in this scenario, some cashiers might assume that you couldn't get a second free bottle of Febreze because you aren't 'paying' for a second bag of Iams dog food.

But this IS a legitimate deal per the HEB coupon policy -- you are buying four items, then using yellow coupons to 'pay' for two items, a BOGO manufacturer coupon to 'pay' for one bag of dog food, and cash/credit/whatever to 'pay' for the fourth.  

So hold your ground (nicely) and be prepared to ask for a manager if you have a hiccup at the register. 😁

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