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October 26, 2016

HEB Piggyback Deals: Paqui Tortilla Chips 37 Cents Per Bag (Normally $2.83!)

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Hurry over here for a new $1.50 off Paqui Tortilla Chips coupon while supplies last!

This is perfect timing since HEB just rolled out a new BOGO yellow coupon on this brand today -- which means we can piggyback the two together for additional savings!

First things first: if you're not familiar with how piggybacking works, go here before you read any further.  

That how-to guide is essential in understanding the following scenario:

  • Paqui Tortilla Chips -- 5.5 oz bags priced at $2.83 each.
  • Buy two bags for a pre-coupon price of $5.66.
  • Piggyback this $1.50 off coupon with the yellow BOGO coupon.
  • Remember, you aren't stacking coupons in this scenario -- you are buying two items, and using two coupons.
  • Your out of pocket price drops to $1.33 for both bags.
  • Next, submit for this 50 cents Mobisave rebate on Pacqui chips, plus this 10 cents Mobisave rebate good on ANY brand of tortilla chips.
  • Your final price drops to 73 cents for both bags, or just 37 cents apiece!
NOTE: There's also a BOGO printable coupon available, but piggybacking two BOGO coupons is not specifically addressed in the HEB coupon policy.

That means it's up to your store manager to say yes or not to that.  But IF your store is down, you could do this version of the deal:
  • Buy three bags for a pre-coupon price of $8.49.
  • Piggyback this BOGO coupon with the BOGO yellow coupon.  So basically you are paying for one bag out of pocket, then getting two bags for free with the two coupons.  
  • (No, you can't layer the $1.50 off coupon with this offer -- HEB doesn't allow piggybacking of two manufacturer coupons together.)
  • Pay $2.83 out of pocket for all three bags.
  • Next, submit for this 50 cents Mobisave rebate on Pacqui chips, plus this 10 cents Mobisave rebate good on ANY brand of tortilla chips.
  • Your final price drops to $2.23 for all three bags, or 74 cents per bag.
I like 37 cents per bag more than 74 cents per bag anyway!  But I know readers will have questions about the BOGO printable coupon, so I thought I would cover that option as well. :D

As always, I recommend you have a copy of the current HEB coupon policy printed or pulled up on your phone when you go to check out.

Even though piggybacking is specifically permitted in the HEB coupon policy (as of a year ago, actually!) some cashiers are still not aware of how the policy works.  And trust me, you will save yourself a lot of aggravation if you can refer to it right away at the register!

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