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September 14, 2016

HEB Piggyback Deals: 63 Cent Eckrich Sausage Returns (FREE With Catalina!)

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Here's a GREAT new stockpile deal available at HEB this week on packs of Eckrich smoked sausage!

After piggyback, we can grab these for just 63 cents apiece!

First things first: If you're new to HEB couponing, you'll want to go here for my how-to guide to piggybacking.

Otherwise, the following deal won't make much sense:

  • Eckrich Smoked Sausage -- priced at $2.50 per pack, with yellow HEB coupons available in stores for a free 2-liter bottle of Big Red with purchase.
  • Big Red -- on sale for $1.50 per 2-liter.
  • Buy two packs of sausage and two bottles of Big Red for a pre-coupon price of $8.
  • Piggyback the BOGO Eckrich coupon from the 8/28 Red Plum inserts with two yellow coupons for the free soda.
  • Remember, you aren't stacking coupons in this scenario.  You are buying four items and using three coupons.
  • Your price drops to $2.50 for all four items, or 63 cents apiece!
Now, if you have a lot of Eckrich coupons left AND a $10 off $30 P&G catalina coupon (no longer available to earn) AND room to store everything, you could do this big version of the deal:
  • Buy eight packs of sausage and eight bottles of Big Red for a pre-coupon price of $32.
  • Give the $10 off $30 catalina coupon FIRST to knock your price down to $22.
  • Next, piggyback four BOGO coupons from the 8/28 Red Plum inserts with eight yellow coupons for all your free soda.
  • You still aren't stacking coupons in this scenario -- you are buying 16 items, but using a total of 13 coupons.
  • Your final price is FREE!  That's right, you would pay $0.00 out of pocket.
As always, I recommend you have a copy of the current HEB coupon policy printed or pulled up on your phone when you go to check out.

Even though piggybacking is specifically permitted in the HEB coupon policy (as of a year ago, actually!) some cashiers are still not aware of how the policy works.  And trust me, you will save yourself a lot of aggravation if you can refer to it right away at the register!

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  1. If you don't have a BOGO from 8/28 any suggestions for us newbies from 9/11

  2. Is this at all hebs don't see it on my app.

    1. You don't need the app. It's a yellow coupon in store.