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August 30, 2016

HEB Catalina Deals: Bounty Basic Paper Towels $1.86 Per 6-Pack (Save 70%!)

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Here's another HOT deal available at HEB this week as part of the upcoming P&G catalina promotion!

After coupons and catalina, we'll be able to snag 6-count packs of Bounty Basic for just $1.86 each.

That's more than 70% off the regular $5.74 shelf price!

First things first: if you're not familiar with how catalina deals work at HEB, be sure to go here for my complete how-to guide.

I promise it will answer all of your questions!

Once you've read the how-to guide, here's my suggested deal scenario for you:

  • Bounty Basic Select‑A‑Size White Paper Towels -- 6-count packs priced at $5.74 apiece.
  • Febreze -- assorted varieties priced at $2.97 apiece.
  • Buy four packs of Bounty and four Febreze for a pre-coupon price of $34.84.
  • Use four of this $1 off Bounty Basic coupon (sort by Household to find it fast; multiple devices required) plus two BOGO Febreze coupons from the 8/28 P&G inserts.
  • Pay $24.90 out of pocket for all eight items, then receive your $10 catalina to use at a later date.
  • That's like a final price of $14.90 for everything, or just $1.86 apiece!

FAIR WARNING: Catalina promotions at HEB are getting more and more popular with couponers, but cashiers (and stores!) aren't always up to speed when a new promotion starts.  

So if you want to pick this up, be prepared to follow up with the manager on duty if your catalina doesn't print and/or your cashier isn't familiar with the promotion.  

I always recommend having a paper copy of the weekly ad with you, since it often features information about the catalina.  This will save you time at the register if your store hasn't gotten the word out correctly. :D

It's much easier to get this addressed at the register or immediately after you shop, although you can go back in the next day to talk to a manager if it's necessary.  You can also request your reprinted catalina online, although obviously you will have to wait longer to get the new catalina mailed to you. 

Also, note that you can only request ONE reprinted catalina per promotion -- another reason to get everything resolved right away at the store!

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