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August 5, 2016

HEB Bargains: New $5 Ibotta Bonus Plus Shopping Scenario!

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Check your Ibotta app for a possible $5 bonus when you redeem any six rebates now through August 14, 2016!

My guess is that not everyone will have received this bonus like I did.

But if you were lucky enough to get it, there are a world of different ways to use it.

Here's one scenario that I am thinking about grabbing at HEB:

  • L'Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Oil Nourish Shampoo -- 12.6 oz bottles priced at $3.97 each, with a $1 Ibotta rebate available.
  • Zest Family Deodorant Bars -- 3-count packs priced at $1.98 each, with a 25 cents Ibotta rebate available.
  • Bar-S Franks -- priced at 88 cents per pack, with a 25 cents Ibotta rebate available.  (Yes, I know there was a hot dog recall last month, but those affected products are long gone from store shelves.)
  • Bar-S Bologna -- priced at $1.38, with a 25 cents Ibotta rebate available AND an additional $1 bonus for buying the franks and the bologna together.
  • Totino's™ Crisp Crust Party Pizza -- priced at $1.35 each, plus a $1 off 4 Ibotta rebate available AND a 25 cent Ibotta rebate good on any brand of frozen pizza.  Note that any brand rebate won't count towards your bonus.
  • Buddig Original Lunchmeat -- priced at 68 cents per bag, with a $1 off 5 Ibotta rebate available.
  • Buy one L'Oreal, one Zest, one of each Bar-S product, four Totino's, and five Buddig.  All 13 items will ring in at a pre-coupon price of $17.01.
  • Use the $2 off L'Oreal coupon from the 7/31 Red Plum insert, the $1 off Zest coupon from the 7/31 Smartsource insert, this $1 off 4 Totino's coupon, and the $1 off 5 Buddig coupon from the 7/31 Smartsource insert.
  • Pay $12.01 out of pocket for all 13 items.
  • Next, submit for the $1 Ibotta rebate on L'Oreal, the 25 cents Ibotta rebate on Zest, the two 25 cents Ibotta rebates on Bar-S (which will automatically trigger the $1 bonus), the $1 off 4 Ibotta rebate on Totino's, the 25 cents Ibotta rebate good on ANY brand of frozen pizza, and the $1 off 5 Ibotta rebate on Buddig.  Also, submit for the 50 cents Mobisave rebate good on Zest.
  • All those rebates will give you $5.50 back, plus your additional $5 bonus.
  • So your final price drops to $1.51 for all 13 items -- or just 12 cents apiece!

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  1. I got a $5 bonus when i redeem 24 rebates. It probably depends on how much you use the app.

    1. Yes, these bonus offers seem to be quite personalized! 24 rebates would require way more planning than the one I got. :D

    2. I have 1 WYB 4 Totinos pizzas on Saving Star for a lower OOP cost.