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April 15, 2016

HEB Rumor Alert: Hot Catalina Deals Heading Our Way?

I have a rumor to share about upcoming catalina offers at HEB!

I do not have photo confirmation about this possible offer; so if you receive one, please comment below or send me a Facebook message so I can give readers a definitive update!

But word on the street (courtesy of my friend Brenda) is that the ever-popular P&G catalina promotion will be RETURNING to HEB on Wednesday, April 27, 2016!

I think this is a very plausible rumor, since we historically see P&G catalina promotions roll around in late April for the build-up towards Mother's Day.  In fact, I looked back in my blog history and I see that we had P&G launch on the last Tuesday of April in both 2014 AND 2015.

But I won't begin writing out the how-to guide or any suggested deal scenarios until I receive photo confirmation of the event.

It's just too upsetting for readers for me to move forward without that info if the rumor turns out to be inaccurate (particularly since HEB is horrible about getting these catalina offers up and running on time at all stores anyway.)

However, newbies can certainly check out last year's how-to guide to get a sense of how this promotion usually works.

AND here's the really juicy part of the rumor -- that beginning with this promotion, we will have several catalina promotions running back to back to take us through the middle of June!

That means we'll be able to use our P&G catalinas to pay for a new catalina promotion (possibly Kimberly-Clark and then Johnson & Johnson, if the schedule follows what happened in 2015) and so on and so forth.

Again, this happened in 2015 from the end of April through the middle of June, so I think it's certainly plausible that we will see it happen again.

So start thinking about what you'll want to stock up on to take advantage of possible back-to-back-to-back offers!

I can tell you I have already gone through my HEB mobile app and loaded up a bunch of P&G coupons, since they don't expire on the app until April 30, 2016.

What do you do to prepare for catalina promotions at HEB?  Share your ideas and suggestions in the comments below!

And again, big thanks to Brenda for the alert on this possible offer!

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