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February 14, 2016

Fake HEB Coupon Circulating On Facebook

Just a heads-up that a very FAKE HEB coupon is circulating in local Facebook coupon groups this morning!

Honestly, can you imagine what would happen if HEB was really truly giving away $350 in free groceries to all customers?  (Um, they would be out of business.)

I think couponers are a little more vulnerable to these kinds of spam than other Facebook users, because we do see legit freebie deals pretty frequently.  But that's an item or two at a time -- not hundreds and hundreds of dollars for free at once!

Please don't click on this nasty bit of spam -- the best case scenario is that you'll be wasting your time filling out useless paperwork, which is meant to worm personal information out of you so the scammers behind this can attempt to commit identify theft.

By just clicking on this offer, you'll also give these spammers the ability to send out their scam to every Facebook group that you're a part of.  Embarrassing!

If you ever see a coupon deal that seems to good to be true, you can check it against my Five Signs of Coupon Spam post before clicking.  I promise that will help you avoid some serious heartache.

And if you want some GENUINE HEB bargains, go here to check out my current list of dollar deals!


  1. So I fell for it. How do I reverse any damage done?

    1. The best two steps to take are a) change your Facebook password immediately, and b) go into all the groups you're a member of on Facebook and remove any posts that the spammers have shared using your profile (or any posts you shared hoping to get this coupon.)

      That will help protect your personal info, and also help other people avoid the same fate! :D

  2. Immediately knew it was a scam, especially when the link said Trader Joe's. Had to do a Google search right away to see if this was already addressed. Thanks for your confirmation and posting of this story.