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September 18, 2015

HEB Shopping Haul: Spent $15.03, Saved $26.59!

I just wanted to show you guys the little haul I did at HEB today with my printable basket coupons and my $10 P&G catalina!

After all discounts (including my digital HEB coupons), I paid $16.48 for all 18 items, and then I have an additional $1.45 worth of rebates to submit to my Ibotta and Checkout 51 apps.

So that's a final price of $15.03 for all 18 items, or just 84 cents apiece!

That's not too shabby, especially considering I bought produce and ground meat.  (And did you notice I received a new $3 off chicken catalina at checkout?  My secret tip on triggering more catalina coupons continues to work for me!)

So some of my items didn't require coupons, but here's a breakdown of the items that did in case anyone wants to duplicate these purchases:

  • Honey Suckle Ground Turkey -- priced at $3.42 per tray, but click here to see how I got paid to buy mine!
  • Heritage Ranch Premium Dry Dog Food -- 16 oz bag priced at $1.50 each.  Use this digital HEB coupon and get yours for FREE!
  • Seedless Red Grapes -- 2.48 lb bag priced at 87 cents per bag.  So that was $2.16, and then I used the $2 off produce printable coupon.  I paid just 16 cents!
  • HEB Deli Provolone Cheese -- priced at $2.30 per bag.  I used the $2 off deli printable coupon and paid 30 cents for mine.
  • Heritage Ranch Canned Dog Food -- priced at $1 per can.  I bought three cans and used the Buy 2 Get 1 Free digital HEB coupon.  So I paid $2 for all three cans, or 67 cents apiece!
  • Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion -- priced at $1.84 per tube.  I used the $1 off yellow HEB coupon available in store and grabbed mine for just 84 cents!
  • Flatout Flatbread -- priced at $2.68 per pack, but click here to see how I got mine for $1.18 instead!
  • HEB Lowfat Cottage Cheese -- priced at $2.14 per carton.  I used the 50 cents off digital HEB coupon and I paid $1.64 instead!
You can see my full receipt here if you're interested:

I love this haul, not only because I got exactly what I needed, but because it's a great example of how you can absolutely coupon for fresh, less-processed foods!

And BTW, the printable HEB coupons are currently live again, but I don't know how long we have to print them.  So if you missed them before, PLEASE go print them now before they disappear again!

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