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September 22, 2015

HEB Shopping Haul: Spent $12.70, Saved $23.62!

As promised, here's my shopping haul recap of last night's trip to HEB using both the new $5 off HEB basket coupon and the printable HEB coupons on meat and produce!

After all discounts, I spent just $12.70 out of pocket on this little trip for 17 items, which works out to just 75 cents per item.  And I saved a total of $23.62 off paying shelf price -- which worked out to a transactional savings of about 65% off.

I was really pleased with that result -- my goal is always to save more than I spend!

So some of my items didn't require coupons, but here's a breakdown of the items that did in case anyone wants to duplicate these purchases:

  • Nature Valley Simple Nut Bars -- priced at $2.98 per box.  I used the digital HEB coupon and got them for free!
  • HEB Deli Turkey Breast -- priced at $2.03 per package.  I used the $2 off deli coupon (expires TODAY, so shop fast!) and got mine for three cents!
  • Carrot Chips -- priced at $1.47 per bag.  I bought two and used the $2 off produce coupon (expires TODAY, so shop fast!)  So that knocked my price down to just 47 cents per bag.
  • Hershey's Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips -- go here to see how I got these for 65 cents per bag (normally $1.97 each!)  I am storing these for the holidays for my sister, who is our family's Christmas cookie specialist! :D
  • HEB Blendables -- priced at $1.50 per bag.  I bought two and used two 75 cents off yellow coupons available in stores (expire TODAY, so shop fast!)  So my new price dropped to 75 cents per bag.
  • HEB Shredded Wheat Cereal -- priced at $1.98 per box.  I used the $1 off yellow coupon available in store and paid just 98 cents for mine.
  • HEB Nonfat Milk -- priced at $1.50 per quart.  I used the 50 cents off digital HEB coupon and paid $1 for mine.
  • Peter Pan Simply Ground Peanut Butter -- priced at $2.17 per jar.  I used the BOGO digital HEB coupon and paid $2.17 for both, or $1.09 apiece!
  • HEB Thin Sliced Chicken Breast -- priced at $4.37 per package.  I used the $3 off  meat coupon (expires TODAY, so shop fast!) and paid $1.37 for mine.
Now, as I noted yesterday, the trick to using digital HEB coupons and basket coupons in the same transaction is to remember that digital coupons are applied BEFORE any paper coupons you use.

So I had to make sure I had $30 in my cart AFTER the three digital coupons I used, but BEFORE I handed over my $5 off $30 basket coupon!

You can see my full receipt here if you're interested:

Again, I really love sharing how you can absolutely coupon for fresh or less-produced foods at HEB!  It's a common misconception that you can only get junk food cheaply through couponing, but it's really not true.

Yes, you have to be a little creative when couponing for fresh meat and produce, but I think couponing is a creative process anyway.  It certainly keeps me on my toes!


  1. When purchasing a meat package that has a 25% off sticker. ..can that offer be combined with a basket coupon?

  2. How often do the $ off your basket coupons for meat and produce come back on your website?