How To Get Your HEB Catalina Reprinted From Catalina Customer Support

Here's a useful page I stumbled across this week that should cut way down on your couponing stress!

If you ever shop at HEB or other stores and don't receive a catalina you're expecting, you can actually ask the company to reprint the catalina and mail it to you through Catalina Customer Support!

(For newbies: a catalina coupon is a coupon that prints at the register once you purchase select items.

At HEB in particular, catalina programs are frequently advertised so we know to expect these coupons at checkout!)

So what to do if you don't receive a catalina and you should have?  Within 5 days of your purchase, you need to either complete this online form or call 1-888-826-8766 to request your catalina.

Note that you will need to have your store receipt ready when you complete your form or phone call!

Catalina Consumer Support will need the following information from your receipt (this info is taken directly from their FAQ sheet):

Tell us about your transaction: Store Name and Number where you shopped, Store Address, Store Telephone Number, Date and Time of Purchase, Complete row of numbers next to date and time, Total Amount of your transaction, Loyalty Card Number, Or Walgreens only: RFN number.
Tell us what you were expecting: Name of the Promotion (ex. Spend $100.00 and receive $5 off your next order), Description of which coupon you expected to receive (ex. $5 off next order), Number of coupons expected (ex. 3 x $5.00), Total dollar amount of coupon expected (ex. $15.00).
Tell us where we can mail your replacement coupons and how we can contact you: Customer Name, Mailing Address (Sorry, due to the risk of fraud, no PO Boxes can be accepted) City, State, Zip, Customer Phone # and / or Customer’s email address. 

If your transaction cannot be found in the system, they may require you to fax, email, mail or upload (if using the website) a copy of your original receipt. The receipt must be whole, complete and readable.

Now, I still strongly recommend asking for a manager when your catalina doesn't print, and addressing everything before you leave the store.

But if you can't do that for whatever reason (screaming kids, short on time, etc.), it's nice to know there is an additional way to follow up!

I also like the idea of being able to tell the manufacturers directly which stores are consistently not printing or giving out catalinas.  Since catalina coupons are an advertising program that brands pay for, they will find that information useful!

Read the Catalina Customer Support FAQ sheet here.

Request your missing catalina coupon here.