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November 26, 2013

HEB Thanksgiving Shopping Haul: Spend $8.61, Saved $26.74

It's been awhile since I posted a shopping haul recap, but I did a great little trip at HEB today that I wanted to tell you about!

In spite of the cold, the wind, and the crowds, I knew I HAD to go to HEB today to use my last $10 P&G catalina, and I am really pleased with how everything turned out.
All 14 items you see here cost me just $8.61 out of pocket, down from an original value of $35.35.  So that's a savings of about 75% off shelf price!

Here's how my haul worked out:
  • Riverside Turkey -- 12.66 lb. bird on sale for $11.14 because I bought it as part of a larger trip.  I actually had a coupon to make this totally free courtesy of my mother-in-law, who works for HEB and received it as part of her holiday partner perks.  Tip: If you have someone in the family who works for HEB, offer to cook Thanksgiving if they will give you their free turkey coupon! 
  • Milk -- priced at $3.58 per gallon.
  • Hill Country Fare White Vinegar -- priced at 57 cents per bottle.
  • Simple Exfoliating Wipes -- priced at $4.97 per pack.
  • HEB Little Rigs Trucks -- priced at $3 each.
  • HEB Sugar-Free Sparkling Water -- priced at 50 cents a bottle (I bought 6.)
  • HEB BakeShop 100% Whole Wheat Bread -- priced at $1.48.
  • Hill Country Fare Disinfecting Wipes -- priced at $1.78.
So my post-sale, pre-coupon total was $32.75.  I used my $10 off catalina FIRST, because otherwise my other coupons would drop me below the minimum to use it.

That knocked me down to $22.75.  Then I used my free turkey coupon to take off another $11.14, and a $3 off Simple coupon a friend of mine gave me from hosting a House Party awhile back.

So my final price was just $8.61 for everything -- including my turkey -- or a mere 62 cents per item.

HEB, I sure am thankful for YOU this time of year!

1 comment:

  1. You should have used the $3 off $10 in HEB brand coupon as well. That would have knocked it down to just $5!!