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September 30, 2013

HEB Shopping Haul: Spent $12.59, Saved $15.53

I just wanted to show everyone the results of my quick little HEB shopping haul this afternoon!

I bought nine items -- including a 4-pack of batteries -- and spent $12.59 after coupons and sales.

My HEB receipt says I saved $15.53 off the regular shelf price -- so that's a savings of around 55%!  Even better, I only used three coupons that were all available in store, so anyone can duplicate this deal.

Here's how the math worked out:

  • Energizer C 4-pack of batteries -- priced at $6.97 each.
  • HEB fat-free milk -- priced at $3.58 per gallon.  I used an in-store coupon good for a free gallon of milk with battery purchase!
  • HEB Shredded Wheat cereal -- priced at $1.99 per box.  I bought three and used a $3 off 3 coupon available in-store.  So these were only 99 cents each.
  • HEB Toasted Oats cereal -- on sale for $1.50 per box.  I bought three and used another $3 off 3 coupon, which dropped my final price to 50 cents per box.
  • Hill Country Fare white vinegar -- priced at 57 cents per bottle.  I've been using this plus baking powder to keep my drains clean -- it's a LOT cheaper than Drano and much better for the environment!
So my pre-coupon total was $22.17, which included the big sale on the Toasted Oats cereal.  I used three coupons worth a combined total of $9.58, which dropped me down to $12.59 after tax!

All the coupons I used are good through October 1 only, so if you also want to stock up on super-cheap cereal or free milk, you have to get out to the store right away.

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  1. Sorry to say I thought I got a grea great deal on honey toasted oats till I poured a bowl....terrible quality with a stale texture. henry e. butt keep your toasted oats