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July 24, 2013

HEB Shopping Haul: Spent $10.15, Saved $11.23

Here's my quick little trip to HEB today to spend one of the three $4 Colgate catalina coupons I earned over the past couple of weeks!

I spent $10.15 on 15 items, and I saved $11.23 after clearance deals and coupons.  So I both spent less than $1 per item and I saved more than I spent, which are my two criteria for an excellent couponing haul!

Additionally, I only used my catalina coupon plus in-store yellow coupons that I picked up -- so if you like any of the following deals, you will be able to replicate my shopping as well!

Here's the breakdown of my trip:

  • Scunci hair elastics -- 8-count pack priced at $1.07, with a $1 off in-store coupon available.  So just 7 cents after coupon!
  • Valencia oranges -- on sale for 25 cents each, and I bought 4.
  • Hill Country Fare hand soap -- priced at 88 cents per bottle, with an 50 cents off in-store coupon available.  So I bought four for 38 cents each!
  • HEB no-sugar added sparkling lemon water -- priced at 50 cents per bottle, and I bought four.
  • Pretzel M&Ms fun-size bags -- 6-count pack on clearance for 75 cents.  I think these are normally $1 each, so not a huge discount, but I loooove these M&Ms!
  • Hill Country Fare crispy rice bars -- on clearance for 94 cents per box.  I bought the last one on the shelf.
  • Lactaid low-fat cottage cheese -- priced at $2.38,  with $1 off in-store coupon available.
  • HEB Canola Oil spray -- priced at $2.99 per bottle.
  • HEB Real Egg Whites --  priced at $3.48 per carton.
So the pre-coupon price for everything was $18.13 (including the clearance items.)  I gave my $4 off catalina first, then four 50 cents off coupons for the HCF hand soap, the $1 off Scunci in-store coupon, and the $1 off Lactaid in-store coupon.

That dropped my final price to $10.13 plus a couple pennies in tax, for a total of 18 items.  That works out to just 56 cents per item!

I'll be going back to the store another two times to spend my other catalinas, so I intend to buy more produce and milk at that point.  I'll recap any additional deals I spot in a future post!

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  1. Where did you get the Scunci $1off coupon?