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July 28, 2013

HEB Bargains: New $10 Kimberly-Clark Catalina Beginning August 7, 2013

Here's our sneak peek at the next catalina offer coming down the pike at HEB!

Beginning August 7, 2013, shoppers who buy $30 or more worth of Kimberly-Clark and Colgate-Palmolive products will receive a $10 off coupon good to use on a future purchase!

The catalina will be good beginning August 21, 2013, and must be used on a purchase of $30 or more.

If you've never done any catalina deals at HEB before, here's how you can prepare for the great offers that will be available starting August 7:

  • Your minimum purchase -- $30, in this case -- is for your total before manufacturer coupons.  So catalinas are a great chance to stockpile deals on some of your favorite brands when you stack the catalina with those manufacturer coupons.  The brands featured in this particular offer include Kleenex, Scott, Huggies, U by Kotex, Kotex, Colgate, Palmolive, Irish Spring, and Softsoap.  There are coupons for several of these brands in the 7/28 Smartsource inserts, including Colgate, Irish Spring, and Softsoap.  If you run into a misinformed cashier who insists you can't use coupons on a catalina offer, ask for a manager!
  • Using HEB B coupons can be tricky, because the register reads them as a price adjustment, not an actual coupon.  So you'll need to take that into account while doing your math.  I personally prefer to stick to manufacturer coupons to keep things simple.  
  • You can only earn one catalina per transaction.  In fact, the fine print is only allowing one catalina coupon to be earned per customer per store per day.  So if you want to stockpile, say, $30 worth of Huggies and $30 worth of Scott toilet paper, you will need to do that on two separate transactions to earn two $10 catalinas.  You could do that in two separate trips to the same store, or you could plan one shopping trip to hit multiple HEB stores in the same general area of town.
  • If your catalina doesn't print at the register, ask for a manager's help before leaving the store.  Managers have a 'fail-safe' code that they can use to force a catalina to print -- assuming, of course, that you bought the right number of items and all of that.  This can definitely add some time to your register check-out, but leaving the store a little late is far less frustrating than leaving empty-handed!  This has happened to me twice at my Kitty Hawk HEB, and both times a manager was able to print my catalina for me when it didn't print automatically.
  • You must use the catalina on a $30 purchase or larger.  So plan to use your catalina on a larger shopping trip once it's able to be used beginning August 21 -- and don't go nuts accumulating the catalinas if you don't have a plan to spend them carefully.  Here are a few more tips on how to shop with catalinas at HEB.

Check out some of my suggested deal scenarios:
If you're an experienced HEB catalina shopper, what other tips can you share?  And if you're new to using catalinas at HEB, what questions do you have?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

And big thanks to reader Nicole, who got us the advance tip on the catalina promotion!


  1. Hey Jen, the last time I went to my HEB during a Catalina off I ran into the catalina not printing. The manager told me to make sure that the cashier "totals" the sale first and the catalina will print as long as your "catalina" qualified items total 30.00. Then give your coupons to the cashier after the catalina prints. He said the catalina should always print when the sale is totaled... not cashed out. Also they are making it more difficult to be just a "little" under 30.00 to get your catalina. My manager said it will then be up to the manager if the total is like 29.95 and the catalina doesn't trigger to push the Catalina thru.. My HEB is on FM 78 and not sure if anybody elses does it this way.

  2. I know for sure that with the last P&G deal, the catalina printed after everything was rung up, before giving them any coupons. They must have pressed "total". I guess it's wise to ask them what the total is?
    And if the catalina doesn't print, don't give them the coupons....just void it.

  3. Another tip is the obvious -- make one trip with whatever you are purchasing in the one transaction and keep an eye on the screen. Don't go in and then remember you need peanut butter, tampons and chips and toss it into the transaction with your catalina products. It's harder to keep track. AND don't be afraid of taking a note pad and writing down what you're buying & crunching numbers. A planned out transaction is a swift one. Otherwise you hold up the line, get confused and make mistakes.

  4. I'm a cashier at HEB, we HAVE to total the order out before we push through ANY coupons whatsoever. In the past, the catalina is the very first one to print, but it actually usually requires you to start paying before it will trigger it. That is to prevent people who cannot pay, or don't have enough in their accounts to get the coupon. I would definitely break your order down into two transactions. One with just your items for the catalina, the rest with the remainder of your order. That way, if it doesn't print, then you'll know something went wrong. I purchase these deals too, and am an avid coupon user, so I'm just trying to help you out! =)

  5. Just did it at my HEB & it was triggered when they pressed total & before paying :-)