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June 13, 2013

HEB Shopping Haul: Spent $27.22, Saved $23.93

Here's a look at what I snagged in my weekly trip to HEB -- I bought 26 items for a total price of $27.22 after coupons, which works out to $1.05 per item.

I saved $23.93 off the shelf prices, so I missed the 50% savings mark I always shoot for.  

However, I bought milk, produce, and a couple of other pricier items without coupons -- so all in all I'm pretty pleased with my roughly 40% savings!

Here's how my math breaks down:

  • Eat Your Veggies sea salt chips -- on clearance for 50 cents per bag (I bought two bags.)
  • Hill Country Fare sugar-free lemon sparkling water -- priced at 50 cents per bottle (I bought two.)  I love this stuff and am having a terrible time finding it in stores -- which is why I'm seriously considering picking up the SodaStream on sale at Target this week.
  • Cucumber -- priced at 58 cents.
  • Hill Country Fare no salt added sliced carrots -- priced at 66 cents per can (I bought two.)
  • Hill Country Fare diced potatoes -- priced at 66 cents per can (I bought two.)
  • Crystal Light On the Go drink mix -- priced at $2 per box.  I bought two and used the in-store BOGO coupon to knock my price down to a buck per box.
  • Green Giant boxed veggies -- normally $1.38 per box, but my store had $1 off 3 peelie coupons available.  So my price was $1.04 each.
  • Hillshire Farm thin-sliced oven roasted turkey -- 9oz containers on sale for $1.25 each (I bought two.)  I'm going back and bringing this $1 off coupon to get more for 25 cents per pack!
  • Stayfree pads -- priced at $2.86 per bag, but I used the $1 off coupon from the 5/5 Smartsource and got mine for $1.86.
  • HEB Bake Shop 100% whole wheat bread -- priced at $1.88 per loaf.
  • Grape tomatoes -- priced at $1.88 per dry pint.
  • HEB fat-free cottage cheese -- priced at $1.88 per carton.
  • Hill Country Fare sliced cheese -- priced at $1.97 per pack.
  • Seventh Generation dishwashing powder -- on clearance for $2.32 per pack (normally $4.64!)
  • Flatout flatbread -- priced at $2.98 per pack, but I used the 55 cents off in-store coupon to drop my price down to $2.43.
  • Simple exfoliating wipes -- normally $4.97 per pack, but I used the $2 off in-store coupon and paid $2.97 for mine.
  • Central Market organic skim milk -- priced at $2.99 per half-gallon.  I don't usually buy organic, but my store was out of the regular HEB skim milk (grrr.)
  • HEB spring mix -- priced at $4.17 per container.  This was an impulse purchase -- I should have bought just a head of lettuce, but I was feeling lazy.
So my pre-coupon price was $43.76, and I used a total of $16.55 in coupons, including my $10 off Unilever catalina.  That dropped me to my $27.22 after-tax price point.

I definitely could have found cheaper items on some of the produce -- especially that spring mix -- but there's something to be said about having your carrots and salad all ready to go for dinner on a hot summer day.

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