June 14, 2013

HEB Deals $1 Or Less Through June 25, 2013

Here's a nice list of HEB dollar deals I spotted in store this week.  These sales are all good at least through June 25, 2013 unless otherwise noted.

Note that HEB does change prices according to what side of town you're in, so you may find shelf prices a few cents higher or lower at your store.

Best HEB dollar deals through June 25, 2013
  • Yucatan Guacamole -- priced around $3.83 a tub.  Use this $4 off coupon to get yours for free.
  • Dove deodorant for women -- 1.6oz tubes on sale for $1 each.  Use this $1 off coupon and get yours for free!  Note: This is not the trial size, which is a .5oz package.
  • Texas sweet corn -- on sale for 17 cents per ear.
  • Hillshire Farm thin-sliced oven roasted turkey -- 9oz containers on sale for $1.25 each.  Use this $1 off coupon and pay 25 cents for yours.
  • Margaret Holmes canned vegetables -- priced as low as 79 cents each.  Use the in-store coupon for 50 cents off, and pay as little as 29 cents per can for yours.  Great deal!
  • McCormick taco seasoning -- priced at 54 cents per packet.  Buy three and use the in-store B2G1 Free coupon (good through July 2) to knock your price back to 36 cents apiece.
  • Kraft barbecue sauce -- priced at $1 per bottle.  Buy two and use this $1 off 2 coupon (sort by Food to find it fast.)  Your new price is 50 cents apiece.
  • French's yellow mustard -- priced at $1 per bottle.  Use the 50 cents off coupon from the 5/12 Smartsource insert, and get yours for 50 cents instead.
  • Hallmark cards -- priced starting at 99 cents each.  Buy three and use the in-store B2G1 Free coupon (expires June 18.)  Your price drops as low as 66 cents per card.
  • Mott's Apple Juice -- normally $2.48 per 64oz bottle, but click here to see how you can get yours for as low as 74 cents!
  • Betty Crocker Hamburger, Chicken, or Tuna Helper -- priced at $1.35 per box, but click here to see how you can pay as little as 77 cents per item.
  • Betty Crocker boxed potatoes -- priced at $1.44 per box, but click here to see how you can pay just 85 cents per item.
  • Life Savers -- assorted varieties for $1.78 per bag.  Buy two and use the in-store BOGO coupon to drop your price down to 89 cents each.
  • H-E-Buddy pasta sauce -- priced at $1.89 per jar.  Use the in-store coupon for a free box of H-E-Buddy pasta with purchase, and pay 95 cents per item instead.
  • Head & Shoulders hair care -- normally $4.72 per bottle, but click here to see how you can snag yours for 97 cents each.
  • Crystal Rock Stick deodorant -- priced at $2.98 each.  Use the in-store $2 off coupon (good through July 2) and pay 98 cents for yours.
  • Kraft salad dressing -- 16oz bottles priced at $1.98 each.  Use the in-store coupon for a free box of Kraft Spaghetti Dinner with purchase.  You knock your price down to 99 cents per item.
  • Crystal Light On the Go drink mix -- priced at $2 per box.  Buy two and use the in-store BOGO coupon to snag yours for a buck per box.
  • McCormick Recipe Inspirations -- priced at $1.50 per pack.  Buy three and use the in-store B2G1 Free coupon (runs through July 2.)  That knocks your price down to $1 each.
  • Ken's dressing -- 16oz bottles on sale for $2 each.  Use the $1 off coupon from the 5/5 Smartsource insert and get yours for a dollar.
Don't forget that many of last week's dollar deals are still good as well!

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  1. When I try to print the Hillshire Farms $1 coupon it tells me "Sorry! You have already printed this coupon the number of times allowed." I haven't printed it once. What am i doing wrong? I did find a 55 cent off coupon though.

  2. dove coupon has ended printing cycle

  3. Just a note, I did the yucatan guacamole deal. Man that stuff is AWFUL! I guess I'm spoiled with our south texas "tex mex" influence. I'll take home made guacamole over this tub of stuff any day! At least I didn't pay for it though thanks to you!