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October 17, 2012

HEB Limiting Some Coupons To One Per Transaction

On your next trip to HEB, be sure to read the wording on your yellow coupons carefully -- some of the new B coupons now specify language that allows them to be used only once per transaction.

This is obviously going to make planning your trips slightly more complicated, since to stockpile some deals you may need to make multiple transactions.

Here's an example of one of the new HEB coupons I saw today in the photo to the right.

This B coupon originally got me all excited.  My store carries some Aquafresh varieties for as low as $1.88 each, and there was a $1 off toothpaste manufacturer coupon in the most recent My HEB Texas Life magazine.

So the toothpaste would be free with stack, and I was getting ready to grab a few -- but then I saw the new language on them.

Free is still hard to beat, so don't be too disappointed when you see this wording on your coupons -- just be prepared.

I recommend checking in with your store manager and asking the store's policy on multiple transactions.  Some stores may let you split up your purchases while you're at the register, some may want you to leave and come back, and some may restrict shoppers to one per person per day.

HEB leaves this decision to individual store managers, so if you don't like the answer you get at one store, check the next store up the road!

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  1. I dont ge the limiting of the coupons. The store gets the money and the manufacturer gets to sell their product. One one loses. Gas is too high for all these trips.

  2. some of the printable Target coupons have the same language on them now. I was stopped dead in my tracks at the Forum last night when trying to use 3 of the 1.50 off 2 bertoli pasta sauce coupons. The cashier let me use one and my sister use one. I put my other 2 jars of sauce back. *sigh

  3. I heard heb store coupons are being phased out entirely. WHAT will we do when that happens???